Using FreeCAD for 3D Modelling

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Using FreeCAD for 3D Modelling

After trialling several 2D and 3D drafting softwares, both paid and Open Source it was decided that we will be using FreeCAD for 3D modelling purposes.

FreeCAD even though being a very amateur program shows lots of capabilities.

We had trialled this software just a couple of years ago and had dropped using it.  Since then, the team at FreeCAD has come a long way and has added quiet a few new features that makes FreeCAD a good competitor.

Functions that we like in FreeCAD are:

  • Parametric Modelling
  • Generation of Drawing from 3D model
  • Sketching

Functions that we would like to see in Future versions of FreeCAD are:

  • Dimensioning in generated Drawing
  • Stability
  • More control in how the Drawing looks on Paper
  • Assembly creation

What help will we provide to see FreeCAD gain more popularity

  • Write Tutorials on this website
  • Combine these tutorials in a sequential format so that it is easy for someone to pick it up and start running with this software with minimum scratching head

Stay posted as more will come soon.

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