Recently for a project we were having problems with Isogen to generate Piping Isometric but it was not working well.  This was required for me to carryout Pipe Stress Analysis based on the information in Stress Isometrics.

I searched CaesarII help and found out that Caesar II has a utility that can convert PCF file to CaesarII input file.  It is called PcfImport.exe and can be found in the place where Caesar II is installed.

I gave this utility a try and below is the image of the imported file

Bad PCF import to Caesar II


My advise is to not use this method.

I have a utility called ReadPXF.exe that I developed myself which can read an exported PXF file and which will give you absolute co-ordinates of the Nodes in PXF file.  I will write about this utility in another post later.