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FEA using Open Source Software 3rd Edition has been published.

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What if I told you that learning Open Source Software is not only easy but is also fun.  Do you want to know how, keep on reading.


  • Did you know that Open Source Software are as powerful as Commercially available software, if not more?
  • Did you know that Open Source Software provide similar if not more Features than Commercially available software?
  • Did you know that once you know how to harness the power of Open Source Software, sky is the limit for your creativity?

If you answered Yes to the above questions, but were confused as to where to start, then read on.

Open Source Software like Salome, Salome-Meca, Code_Aster to name a few are very powerful software. They have capabilities to provide you with answers in a format that you want, if you know what to ask.

Commercial software have some sort of easy of use that Open Source Software lack.  Well what if I was to tell you that it is not the ease of use that is the limiting factor but the information on how to use the software is lacking for the Open Source Software.

Open Source Software Community does very good job of submitting tutorials and sharing experience on the Forums, but you, as a user, should remember that they are driven by Open Source Software enthusiast who are providing their services FREE in their FREE time.  They are not obliged to give you the information you sought, but they do it for the love of Open Source Software.

To ease the burden on the Community supporters, it would be a great help if the user of the software had fundamental knowledge of how to use the software in its basic form.  How to perform simple analysis in their particular software or to bring it to a fundamental level, how to visualize the results that they are after.

There is a huge gap between the Users of Finite Element Analysis Software, there are users who are pro and there are ones who have just started.  This ebook is an effort to bridge that gap so that the New Users feel confident in the Open Source Finite Element Analysis Software and attain competency.

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Happy Reading.

Dharmit Thakore