PASS Start-Prof has been updated to 4.83R5.

Some of the features of this new version are:

  • Added function to import waterhammer loads from PASS/HYDROSYSTEM software. See video
  • Added function toimport and export support movements into text file (.csv) that can be modified by Excel. It is used to model ship deck hog & sag, bridge and other structure deformation
  • Added new wind loadcode CFE 2008 (Mexico)
  • Added flange leakage checkfor all available pipe stress codes. Added pressure-temperature rating tables for ASME B16.5-2017, EN-1092-1:2013-04 and GOST codes. Methods used:
    • Pressure Equivalent (Kellogg) Method
    • Code Case 2901 (PVP2013-97814) Method
    • DNV Method
    • NC 3658.3 Method
  • CJJ/T 81-2013: Added additional optional check by EN 13941 A2 criteria
  • Removed restriction for different loads (product weight, insulation weight, additional weight, additional non-weight) on tee and bends. Now average value of loads is taken for tee and bend
  • Added interactive tips with load cases explanation in operation mode editor
  • Increased analysis speed of some big models 2-5 times
  • Increased START-PROF application loading speed
  • Increased 2-20 times the speed of opening of a big models
  • Increased speed of project tree for big models
  • Added ability to insert the node right at the end of the bend, valve, flange, tee using insert nodefunction
  • Added new function to replace pipe or rigid element by pipe, rigid element, reducer, valve, flange pair, ballasting weight
  • Added online description of automatically generated load case templates. It will help to understand how does operation mode editorworks
  • Fixed problem with Ambient temperature
  • Fixed error “out of memory” in some big models
  • Fixed some problems with undo function
  • Fixed function for splitting bends
  • Fixed problem with cursor sticking
  • Fixed problems with Vertical Order and Horizontal Order functions
  • Fixed other minor bugs

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