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PASS/START-PROF provides comprehensive stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis, with related sizing calculations, according to national and international codes and standards.

PASS/START-PROF offers three configurations to meet your specific needs for piping system design and analysis:

  • PASS/START-PROF Complete

Key advantages

  • Reliable software with a long history
  • Fast start for new employees
  • Integration with popular CAD & CAE tools
  • ‘On the fly’ calculations
  • Flexible licensing & affordable pricing


Embedded Intelligence

PASS/START-PROF provides comprehensive stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis with related sizing calculations for buried and above ground piping systems of any complexity according to international and national codes and standards.

First introduced in 1965, PASS/STARTPROF combines a highly efficient solver, powerful analysis features, a user- friendly GUI, an intuitive 3D graphical pre/post-processor, and a detailed help system with embedded intelligence from generations of piping design experts.

PASS/START-PROF was created to be easy to use by “regular” designers without special knowledge in pipe stress analysis and/or detailed knowledge of standards.

While enabling “regular” designers, PASS/START-PROF is also an excellent tool for professional piping stress engineers. There are no obscure options, settings and questions. Just draw the piping system and run the analysis. Smart algorithms will do the rest of the job for you!

Enabling new users to perform piping/equipment analysis in days rather than months.

Process and piping engineers of more than 1,500 companies in many countries already use the software every day for stress analysis and design of different types of pipelines.

Increased Productivity

PASS/START-PROF offers many functions that make piping model creation very quick including: group editing, quick loop addition, node point renumbering, and spring data application.

PASS/START-PROF can import piping models ready for analysis from AVEVA PDMS and E3D, Caesar II, and PCF formats. Data can also be exchanged within the PASS suite and with a large spectrum of general and special purpose CAD and CAE software tools.

PASS/START-PROF is an ideal component for integration into any piping design workflow.

The Smart Operation Mode Editor allows users to just draw the piping, add general snow, wind, ice, as well as seismic load information and run the analysis. All appropriate load values and load cases will be created automatically according to selected codes. Time consuming manual creation of load cases is no longer needed.

The Smart Warning Message Window warns about e.g., pipe lifting off, overloading of supports and springs, or excess of deformations of expansion joints. Important problems in the model will not be missed.

Smart interactive reports including: expansion joint report, spring support report, flanges leakage report, etc. are provided to make understanding of the analysis results quicker and easier.

Broad Applicability

Pipelines that can be analyzed include piping for: process and power, gas and oil transportation, district heating piping, hot water supply, and more. Stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis are performed for buried, above ground, vacuum, high pressure, high temperature, and cryogenic piping.

Pipelines with various types of restraints, fittings and expansion joints can be easily evaluated. PASS/START- PROF also offers automatic selection of constant and variable spring supports.

Quick and easy buried pipeline analysis lets the user simply specify soil type, and define the pipe depth to run the analysis. The user does not have to: specify restrained and unrestrained zones, calculate the virtual anchor length, nor run a soil modeler. PASS/START-PROF will automatically do what is required for the correct soil simulation.

PASS/START-PROF can analyze a wide range of materials used in pipelines including: steel, nonferrous materials, plastic pipes and fittings, orthotropic materials such as fiberglass, reinforced plastic, glass reinforced plastics, and glass reinforced epoxy.

Capabilities include:

  • Nonlinear analysis for gaps, friction, one-way restraints, rotating rods,
  • PUR insulation stress analysis
  • Analysis of pre-stressed long radius curved pipes
  • Optimal automatic hanger selection

Express Analyzing & Sizing

Along with the analysis of piping systems of any complexity, PASS/START-PROF performs a wide spectrum of calculations “on the fly” thereby helping piping designers to make the right decisions.

PASS/START-PROF calculates pipe and fitting wall thicknesses, span lengths, as well as sizes of typical piping assemblies. It also checks flange leakage, pump and equipment loads, buried and above ground pipeline longitudinal stability, pipe wall stability under vacuum and other loads.

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