To download Efficient go to

When you are on that page, have a look at the right hand side and you will find latest Efficient release (Green Button) along with previous releases (Red Button).

Development of Efficient for Code_Aster version 10.x stopped at Efficient version 0.0.7, so if you want to use Efficient to generate command files for Code_Aster version 10.x download Efficient version 0.0.7.

Efficient is actively developed for Code_Aster version 11.x.  As of writing this (20-Jan-20104), the latest release of Efficient is version 0.1.0 and can be downloaded from the page shown above.


After you download Efficient, copy it in any folder you want.

Efficient is developed with Java so to run it you need Java Run time Environment.

Following description assumes you want to run “Efficient_v0-1-0.jar” on Linux computer and that you have saved Efficient to location “\mylocation\Efficient_v0-1-0.jar”

First you need to make sure you have OpenJDK installed on your system.

Typing following commands in your Terminal will install OpenJDK

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

Once OpenJDK has been installed on your system there are two ways to start Efficient.

First (GUI method):

Right click “Efficient_v0-1-0.jar” and select “Open With OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime” from the pop up menu.  Efficient will start.

Second (Terminal method):

Go to the folder location in the Terminal using “cd” command where you have saved “Efficient_v0-1-0.jar” and then type in following command and hit enter

java -jar Efficient_v0-1-0.jar

Efficient should start with the following screen



Next we will look at how to generate a command files.